RWC2015: Romania – Three Things You Need to Know

Better known for their gymnastics, Dracula and possessing the largest parliament buildings in the world, Romania have attended all 7 Rugby World Cups.

A relative underdog in this tournament, teams cannot forget the shockwave they sent through the rugby world when they defeated Scotland in the 2011 World Cup.

Likewise, most people wouldn’t even know that they actually gained the bronze medal in the 1924 olympic games for men’s rugby!

However, despite their historic successes, they have never moved farther than the group stages in the RWC.

Still, they still offer many other interesting facts.

1. Florin Vlaicu

Romania’s top point scorer in international Rugby is Florin Vlaicu, amassing 621 points in around 80 matches. This will be his third RWC, and promises to be one of the key components of their backline.

2. No Stranger to Upsets

They may be seen as easy beats, but they are far from it. In fact, they have in the past beaten the bigger nations, including Tonga, Samoa, United States, Wales and even the French.

Now, to be fair, these wins were a while ago, but still. Many teams dredd facing them as they put up a heck of a fight.

3. The Not-So-Celebrated Record

Romania hold the record for the least points scored by one team in a RWC. They scored only 14 points in the 1995 tournament. One try and 3 penalties in their 3 matches is pretty rough, but is as many tries as Jonny Wilkinson scored in his three tournaments put together.


No surprises here, Romania will most certainly bail out in the group stages. Facing their own ‘pool of death’ with France, Ireland, Italy and Canada, its hard to see Romania getting a win at all, though we can hope and pray!

By Daniel Olander


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