RWC2015: USA – Three Things You Need to Know

The United States of America; the land of the American Dream and home of the Brave…and the reigning Olympic champions!

Yes, that’s right. They won the gold medal for rugby way back in 1920 and 1924 before rugby was removed from the Olympic Games.

Unfortunately, that is about as good as it has got for the side ranked 15th in the world heading into the RWC.

Still, they are the most powerful country in the world and we wouldn’t rule out some cheeky espionage.

In fact, it’s probably best the All Blacks check their hotel rooms now for bugs, cameras and wires. Also, might be wise to hide some of the valuables. You know, oil, sovereignty, anything of monetary value.

But all jokes aside, and we hope this post isn’t now on the FBI’s blacklist, lets take a look at three key things you need to know about the USA rugby team heading into RWC 2015.

1. Takudzwa Ngwenya

This man is the fastest player in the tournament, clocking an incredible time of 10.5seconds for 100m.

Give this man the ball in space and it’s all over for the opposition.

Coincidently he isn’t the fastest man in world rugby. His fellow countryman and 7’s star, Carlin Isles, holds that title having run a 10.13 100m. Luckily for the other teams in Pool B, they won’t have to mark this man as he was left out of the USA’s 31-man squad.

2. They Can Beat Japan

The States have got the wood on their fellow Pool B opponents in RWC history having beating them in both 1987 and 2003.

Regardless of the fact that Japan has beaten them in the last year, if the United States can hold true to their RWC form and beat the “Cherry Blossoms” again, all they have to do then is beat either Scotland or Samoa and they can qualify second out of the group behind South Africa.

Easy right?

3. Jarryd Hayne

Jarryd Hayne is playing NFL in America and America are in the RWC, that’s why.

But on a much more serious note, if Jarryd Hayne can go from Rugby League which let’s be fair, is very similar to Rugby Union, and make it into the NFL, then what’s stopping a team of 31 American Rugby players becoming, well arrr, Rugby players and winning a couple of matches?


They have a very real possibility of winning a game in this tournament, but going off recent form it seems unlikely. I think with the start of the NFL season, their minds are going to be elsewhere. Do the Americans even realise they have a rugby team? Let alone knowing they are in the rugby world cup? Do they even know what rugby is? How am I still alive typing this…

By Matt Jenkins


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