Biggest Rematch in Heavyweight History

Imagine every cliché when you hear the term ‘heavyweight fight.’

You picture two massive individuals, each built like a Soviet tank punching each other in the face until eventually one of them falls.

No fancy ground work, no contorted submission holds, just two behemoths smacking the crap out of each other to prove which one of them is the best to the thunderous ovation of a sell-out crowd.

It sounds like something out of a movie, does it not? Something that could only be contrived by the mind of a screen writer for dramatic effect; a clash of two gods among men throwing punches that would shatter bones of a common mortal man.

In 2013, on December 7th the world witnessed the real deal when ‘The Super Samoan’ Mark Hunt took on ‘Bigfoot’ Antonio Silva at UFC Fight Night 33.

They stepped inside the Octagon and proceeded to have what many consider to be the greatest heavyweight clash in history.

Both of these men, capable of finishing a fight with a single punch, were giving everything they could, putting every inch of their being in each punch landed on each other.

Yet it wasn’t enough to put the other away.

Silva took Round 1 with a beautifully timed hard right hand that would of finished anyone else.

Mark Hunts legendary iron jaw came into full effect and he shook it off and came right back at Antonio, foiling Silvas attempts to take it to the ground.

Silva also claimed the 2nd round on points while he systematically picked apart Hunts lead leg with some brutal kicks, trying to take Hunts kickboxing experience out of the game.

Mark Hunt took all Silva gave and came back looking for more.

Round 3 was the turning point when Hunt managed to knock Silva to the floor. The Super Samoan then proceeded to stalk Antonio and won the round with a ferocious barrage of short elbows and punches that would crack steel beams.

Silva endured and we went to Round 4.

The 4th round was where business REALLY picked up. It was bell-to-bell excitement with shots being thrown like two rhinos charging at each other.

Hunt seemed to be gaining the momentum until he slipped up on the canvas during one brutal exchange and was mounted by Silva, eating shot after shot.

For a brief second it seemed like Antonio was going to win via TKO but the ‘Super’ mentality of Mark Hunt kicked in and he did enough to survive to the final round.

Round 5 belonged to Mark Hunt as he dominated Silva, feeding off the crowd as Brisbane collectively rose to its feet in thunderous applause as these two legends battled it out, trading punch for punch in a display of freakish stamina unseen in the Heavyweight division.

As blood streamed from both gladiators, the final bell rang and for probably the first time ever, the crowd prayed that the judges would score this as a draw.

Both men were spent, having willed themselves to be the last man standing. Neither deserved to lose, both were winners that night and that’s how the judges saw it too.

It was a majority draw (leaning to Mark Hunts favour) and thus was the end to the greatest match in UFC’s Heavyweight division.

At UFC 193, it happens all over again.

Once again, Australia becomes the battleground for these two warriors.

After failing a post-fight testosterone test, Antonio Silva had his draw switched to a loss and will be looking to avenge that in a big way.

He’s already stated to media that he aims to finish this fight early with a KO-a big statement. With this fight set to go 3 rounds instead of 5, both men can look to adopt a faster pace.

Mark Hunt recently appeared on Submission Radio and doesn’t think it will go the distance this time.

“First round by knockout. First round”, the Super Samoan stated when asked about this rematch.

With confidence from both parties brimming, you can be sure that both men will be bringing their A-game for this colossal fight.

November 15th, 2015. At UFC 193, the greatest heavyweight fight in history happens again.

By Cameron Corban


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