Week Six Preview – Giants vs. Eagles

Talk about the battle of the under performers. These two teams will go head-to-head to see who trails the Cowboys in the NFC East division.

In what should be a closely contested game, both these teams will be looking to get their season back on track.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles had an average season last year, finishing with a 10-6 record after a surprise loss to Washington.

Chip Kelly and Sam Bradford will be looking for a change in fortune a big way to get their season back on track.


Lincoln Financial Field.

Home field advantage comes into play. The Eagles are already 1-1 at home but last time that the Eagles hosted the New York Giants, they held them scoreless with a final score of 27-0.

The Philly boys will be hoping to replicate those results and take their record to 3-3.

Murrays Finally Firing.

DeMarco Murrays efforts over the last few weeks have been well documented so far.

He’s looked slow, his rushing has been average and not looking at all like he’s worth the $42 mil, 5 year contract he’s been signed to. In the game against New Orleans in Week 5 however, he finally looked like he was finding a rhythm. But is it too little, too late for him?

Matthews – Under the Radar.

In all the talk about Murrays start to the season, it seems the the abilities of Ryan Matthews have flown under the radar. It seems like Chip Kellys game plan is more suited to someone like Matthews.

In the match against the Saints, he averaged 10 yards per run. His running game seems to fit in more with the spread that Kelly seems intent on using this season.

If he can get a bit more aggression into his season, the Eagles offense will be in for a huge (and much needed) boost.


Red Zone Throws.

Sam Bradford threw 2 Red Zone interceptions. In one half. The fact that they still won over the Saints after that is borderline amazing.

Sam will really need to try find some poise if he wants to overcome the Giants.

Key Injuries.

The Eagles were without their top 2 Linebackers Kiko Alonso and Mychal Kendricks last week. Its painfully obvious as the Eagles defense have lost a bit of its ‘oomph’.

With both men still in doubt for week six, Chip Kelly will have to look at some reshuffling for his D-Line.

Basic Errors Proving Costly.

Simple fumbles and drops are plaguing the Eagles Attack. Ever since they lost to the Cowboys, the have looked shaky. It was really only against the Week 5 game against the Saints that it kicked into life.

If they can find that rhythm again, they can win here and get their season back on track.

Ryan Matthews of the Philadelphia Eagles brushes aside a tackle during the Eagles game against the Colts - Photo Courtesy of SportingNews.com
Ryan Matthews of the Philadelphia Eagles brushes aside a tackle during the Eagles game against the Colts – Photo Courtesy of SportingNews.com

New York Giants

The NY boys pulled out a gutsy win against San Francisco in Week 5. They now sit 3-2 and look to be getting some major momentum after their third win in a row.

What does Eli and his team need to do this week to keep that momentum going?


Eli is on Form.

Eli Manning is red hot after the win over San Fran. 41 completions from 54 attempts for 441 yards.

That’s his career best and he looks like he’s just getting warmed up. He was linking up well with his offense and only had one interception for his 54 attempts.

He’ll be hard to stop.

Beckham Jr. Also on Form.

Odell Beckham Jr. and Eli Manning may become the new powerhouse duo for the Giants.

Building off his amazing season in 2014, Beckham Jr has impressed everyone who has been claiming his rookie year was a fluke. Against San Fran, he amassed 121 yards with seven catches including a Touchdown.

Offense, offense, offense.

Defensively, I would say these two teams are pretty evenly matched. Both of them have had shaky starts to the season.

I feel that this match will be a higher scoring one and it all comes down to attack. Eli and his offensive options with Beckham and Vereen are looking like some of the best in the league right now.


Defensive Woes.

Injury has spread through the defense of New York so far and their really missing some of their first and second string players out there.

Guys like Robert Ayers and Markus Kuhn are needed out on that field and their third string players just aren’t cutting it so far.

Crazy Calls.

Eli Manning is on fire right now. Yet sometimes he pulls out the most strange, inexplainable calls.

With 11 seconds left in the first half against the 49ers, Manning made a shocker of a decision, and a worse throw, tossing a pass toward a covered Odell Beckham in the end zone.

The pass was picked off by San Frans Tramaine Brock and was such a poor judgement throw from Manning.

Beckham Jr Possibly Injured.

Odell left the field briefly last week only to return to help win the game for them. But at what price?

At the time of this writing, he is still waiting on a medical report to see if he is fit enough to train this week and prep for the game against Philly. If he has to miss a week, the Giants offense will take a massive hit.


Giants all the way. Eli’s form is too much to ignore. Both teams need a lot of work on their defence. New York will win a higher scoring game 42-36. Gutsy performance by both teams.

Players to Watch:

Eagles: Ryan Matthews will be the Eagles go-to man over Murray this week. If they want to score points, watch Matthews carefully.

Giants: If Odell Beckham is cleared to play, the Eagles are in for a long night. He’s aggressive and is out to show his 1st season most definitely not a fluke.

By Cameron Corban


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