Week Seven Preview: Patriots vs. Jets

I really tried to go past this game and pick another match up but I couldn’t. The little voice at the back of my mind asked ‘Can the Jets give the Revenge Tour its first pit stop?’ And I hesitated with that thought, thinking of the implications if it were to happen. That’s why for this week, we’ll look at New England taking on New York.

New York Jets

The Jets have completely 180’d from last season. This time last year, they were sitting at 1-4 and at times looked like the worst team in the league. Then this season, against all odds, they are 4-1 and looking dangerous.

Can stand-in QB Ryan Fitzpatrick lead the Jets to their biggest win of the season to date?


Defensive Upgrade.

The Jets are ranked number 1 in the league for defence going into this game. They will need every bit of that defence to stop the onslaught of Edelman and Gronkowski, both of which are in fine form indeed. If there is a defence that can stop the NE Offence, it’s the New York Jets.

Rush Game on Point.

In addition to the best defence right now, New York also have the best rushing game in the league.

Last week, wide receiver Brandon Marshall became the first WR in nearly 50 years to post four-straight 100 yard games for the Jets. Combine that with Eric Decker and running back Chris Ivory and the Jets had 366 yards and three scores. Ivory also rushed for 158 yards and one touchdown with only 20 carries.

Patriots, beware.

Stand-ins Step Up.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has done a brilliant job stepping up for the injured Geno Smith. He has some real playmakers that he is slowly becoming more and more comfortable with and is completing some real impressive plays. His game, while still slightly limited, is helping the Jets compete with the best-and now he has to go against one of the greats of the sport.


Red Zone Performance.

The Jets have had some of their worst work come when the pressure was on. Their performance so far this season has been sub-par-not at all up to their usual defensive form. This will have to seriously be looked at to stop the likes of Gronkowski or Edelman sneaking in those TD’s. Brady may even fancy himself a couple of walk in scores himself.

Gillette Will Cut Deep.

Out of the last 10 years of competition, the Jets have only won 3 times at Gillette. The last time was back in 2011, over four years ago.

Its not a very nice environment, especially when you’re the visiting team attempting to upset the King of Boston.

The Jets will have a hell of a time trying to overcome that barrier.

Stopping Gronk.

Gronkowski is due for a big game. He scored a hat-trick in their week one demolishing of the Steelers and has only scored twice since then. Jets defensive coordinator Kacy Rodgers is in for a hell of a week trying to organise his impressive defence to stop Gronkowski.

New York Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (14) throws a pass during the second half at MetLife Stadium - Photo Courtesy of Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports
New York Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (14) throws a pass during the second half at MetLife Stadium – Photo Courtesy of Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

New England Patriots

The Patriots are on a tear. After putting the Colts to rest last week, Tom Bradys fired up focus now zeroes in on the Geno Smith-less Jets.

What do the defending Champs have in store for New York?


Gillette Ground is Hallowed.

The Patriots will be damn focused on making sure that their first loss of the season doesn’t happen in their backyard. Gillette Stadium is already hard enough to win at as it is, let alone when the Patriots are on a personal vendetta.

Tom Brady.

Brady is on track to have his greatest season yet. That alone should truly scare any team in the NFL. He’s only thrown one interception in 5 games.

Compare that to his greatest rival in Peyton Manning who has thrown 10 interceptions in 6 games and half as many touchdowns. Brady is on fire-but he’ll meet some resistance in the Jets Defence.

Offensive Buffet.

The Patriots offensive options are straight up scary. You have Gronkowski who is a monster of a man, pretty much impossible to stop in a red zone situation. Then you have Edelman who is lightning quick and evasive. Then you throw in Danny Amendola and that is one line up that will scare even the Jets awesome D-Line.


Scrimmage Underdogs.

Looking at the line of scrimmage, the Pats are actually the under dogs.  The Jets are averaging an entire yard more per rush than they are allowing. They gain around 4.5 yards per carry but yielding 3.5 yards while on defence. The New England defensive line should be very wary of Chris Ivory.

Richardson Returns.

Sheldon Richardson returns to the defensive line for New York after suspension and you can bet he’ll be looking to make an impact by shutting down Brady. If he can get some early sacks on Brady and set the pace for the rest of the game, the Jets defence could prove the game winner.


The danger in having a great start to the season is that many players get comfortable. They under estimate and under prepare mentally for opponents. The Patriots cannot afford to underestimate the Jets. There is no reason that the juggernaut of Brady wont be derailed in this game.


I’m 3-3 for my weekly picks (damn Giants). This week, I’m going with Brady and the boys from Boston. I think their offence will overcome the brick wall that is the New York defence.

New England to win 26-20.

Players to Watch:

New England: I think this will be the week TE Scott Chandler will shine. I picked him at the start of the season to be a sleeper star for the Patriots. Keep an eye on him.

New York: If the Patriots cant keep Brandon Marshall to under 100 yards, we will have a very good game on our hands. Marshall will make or break the game for the Jets.

By Cameron Corban


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