Five Things We Learned This Pre-Season

Kyle Lowry Is Looking Lean and Mean

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the players looking trim this pre-season, and I really hope you haven’t, you would have seen Kyle Lowry killing it.

The Raptors Point Guard looks noticeably slimmer and has featured in more than a few filler headlines this off-season.

But not only does skinny Lowry look good, he plays good.

Young Majestic has been on a tear in the pre-season and is leading the way for not only Toronto, but the league.

Dude dropped 40 on the T-Wolves in just 13 shots.


Otto Porter Jr is Still Alive

When one door closes, another opens.

Yeah, Paul Pierce might be living easy in LA, sipping on pineapple spritzers, but that doesn’t spell doom for Washington.

The veteran’s departure has left a lanky string bean shaped hole in the middle of the line-up, and going into his third year, it’s now or never for young Otto Porter Jr.

It’s time for the 22 year old to step up, adjust the specs and get nasty.

And so far in the Pre-season, he’s been fairly respectable – translation: if he can keep this up, he’s a starting 3 in the L.

Please keep it up Otto.

Paul George is Back

Seeing PG rack again is a thing of beauty.

There’s a soft spot in my heart for dunkers who rock the two-foot gather, bending their bodies to the side for slow-mo slams.

But what I love even more is to see someone comeback, unaffected by the most horrific of injuries, looking confident and collected.

George had the luxury of stretching his legs in the garbage time of last season and has been unafraid this pre-season.

The new look Pacers face some uncertainty early on, including whether George should start at the 4, but one thing they can count on is Young Trece, back putting in work.

Emmanuel Mudiay is NBA Ready

Look it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for the newest Nugget, but potential is supposed to be raw, and baby there’s truckloads of it.

There’s no doubt Mudiay is leading the rookies going into the 2015-16 season with averages of 15 points and 5.4 assists in 29.2 minutes of game time.

The turnovers are a bad smell, but transition to the pros isn’t without its hiccups.

The physique on the 19 year old already looks NBA ready, no doubt a product of his time overseas, but his patience with the ball is what’s most promising.

Provocative Prediction/Way Too Earlier To Call/Big Call: Mudiay for Rookie of the Year.

Westbrook and KD Haven’t Missed a Beat

Surely they’d be rust, right?

Flashback to last season: The brother Durant goes down with a screw loose, Westbrook steps up. Becomes the undisputed heavyweight champion of his team and basically the league for a brief stretch.

OKC miss the playoffs, Westbrook shows MVP potential.

Now we’re starting a fresh season and the old Alpha is back on the court, so whose team is it? Well if the pre-season is anything to go by, we’re asking the wrong question.

KD and Westbrook have looked slick both individually and as a duo. The Thunder’s one-two punch looks straight deadly with a determined Durant making up for lost time and an angry Westbrook looking for any reason to obliterate someone on the break.

Let’s be real though, this instant chemistry shouldn’t come as a surprise, the boys have been kicking it for seven years now.

By Oliver Dunn


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