Become a Whistleblower/Writer

Want to become a writer or Whistleblower? Are you as passionate about sports as we are? Do you want a forum to voice your opinion?

Well look no further! After The Whistle is always looking for keen writers and budding sports journalists!

But first, what’s the difference between a “writer” and a “Whistleblower”?

Anyone can be a writer. You can write as much or as little as you like! Whether you want to write once a month, or just get something of your chest once a year, this is the job for you!

To be a Whistleblower and get a special profile on our Whistleblower page, you must contribute at least one article a week, and must have approval by the editors. Whistleblowers are our go-to contributors and are usually experienced writers.

Please use the form below if you wish to become a writer, or voice your interest to become a Whistleblower!